The Law and Mediation Offices of Minervino Rodriguez, Jr., is a South Florida law firm providing experienced, effective, and trustworthy legal services in Divorce & Family Law, Corporate & Business Law, Litigation and Mediation.  We are committed to offering the highest level of legal representation combined with compassion and understanding toward your specific situation and needs.

Our firm’s approach in delivering legal services is to establish reasonable and worthwhile objectives for our clients.  We do not promise what cannot be delivered just to acquire your business.  After careful analysis and consultation, we advocate for the result our clients feel best suits their needs. For some, this means negotiating an amicable resolution of a dispute, controlling cost and mitigating risk. For others, detail-oriented discovery followed by a trial on the merits is their chosen objective. We outline the client’s goals and recommend a plan designed to achieve them.  The cost associated with each step of the plan is discussed and explained to the client. Our clients are advised promptly of all case developments and are encouraged to participate actively in every strategy decision. Attorney Rodriguez will provide aggressive representation with the goal of ensuring that your rights are protected in the final resolution, whether by settlement or litigation. We will deliver superior service in a cost-effective manner by delegating particular aspects of each case to a legal team member (i.e. lawyer or paralegal) best able to handle the task at the lowest hourly rate. Documents, Orders, and Agreements are carefully crafted to avoid necessity for future clarification and litigation.  At the conclusion of the case, our goal is to achieve a successful resolution that furthers our client’s best interest.